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Loan Service:Books are loan for 14days maximum. Thereafter overdue charges will be activated daily, except in the case of renewal. Loan books may be renewed on the application for additional 14days as long as no one else wants it or has booked for it, and thereafter it must be returned. Fines for overdue books will be ACTIVATED at the rate of N100 per day for books in circulation and N150 per hour for books in the reserved section. Borrowing facilities are not extended to visiting research students, fellows and occasional students but are accorded reference privileges only.
Reprographic Services:The black/white high-grade photocopy services for books are available to all users in the library at a standard rate.
Reference Service:Readers are free to consult the Reference Librarian on any challenge they may encounter in the cause of using ACTS-Library. Reference questions such as how to locate materials, where to find a piece of information and other related questions that may aid their use of the library facilities and collections are welcome at all times.
Reservations Service:Heavily used textbooks or books in constant demand by users, are moved from open shelved and placed in a controlled access collection in the reservation. Academic staff are required to send in advance to the library, copies of all reading lists to set aside as required readings for their particular courses or specially recommended for the attention of classes. All reserved books are strictly for library, overnight, and weekend use only. These materials can be borrowed for a maximum of two hours for use in the library, and can be renewed for another hour, depending on the needs of other students and the number of copies of the material. When borrowing reserved books for overnight use, make sure books checked-out are properly done. A maximum of two reading books can be checked out after 16:00 daily and should be returned at 08:30 the following day.
Research Service: ACTS-Library provide quality research services to all eligible users of the library in planning and developing quality research papers, online information retrieval, instruction on how to access and use ACTS-Library materials and including concerns about open-access scholarship, copyrights and plagiarism.
Hour of Opening:Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm with exception of all public holidays
Library Users:The ACTS Library is open to all GCM/ACTS staff, and students, and to Alumni of ACTS, as well as the entire Christian community and to anyone else with serious reasons for using the library may also be admitted to use it for study, research and spiritual development purposes only. Terms and conditions apply for users from outside the GCM/ACTS community
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