Nigeria has experienced phenomenal growth in its Christian population in the past three decades. Presently, Christians are believed to constitute over fifty percent of the population of Nigeria. However, this phenomenal growth of Christianity in the nation has not reflected in the quality of leadership, and on societal values. This calls for an investment in training Christian leaders who will lead change in all facets of society.

The above reasons informed the establishment of Africa Centre for Theological Studies (ACTS) in Lagos, Nigeria. ACTS is a school of the International Leadership University (ILU), committed to developing godly leaders of integrity who are equipped with the competencies to spearhead holistic transformation in Nigeria and beyond.

ACTS was conceived in 2002 as a postgraduate school for training in leadership and Christian ministry. In 2007 ACTS moved from Ikoyi to  Anthony Village,and the present location in Ilupeju, Lagos in 2017. These locations were chosen based on the concept of a city campus where students are educated while engaged in society.